Release Notes - Grails - Version 1.0.5 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-3932] - Mocking DynamicFinders: Check for 'order' params


  • [GRAILS-1165] - toString() not inherited properly
  • [GRAILS-1513] - Getting "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/codehaus/groovy/tools/GroovyStarter" from terminal
  • [GRAILS-1641] - Regression: toString() on domain classes is showing "SomeClassName : null" i.e. null instead of id (in log statement)
  • [GRAILS-1645] - Call FindAllByXxxIsNull twice will cause NPE
  • [GRAILS-1706] - findAllBy* method in Domain method gives NPE
  • [GRAILS-1877] - FKs not generated for many to many table when using MySql
  • [GRAILS-1879] - lib jars unable to load webapp classes
  • [GRAILS-2222] - Autobinding does not work for spring bean alias
  • [GRAILS-2274] - Grails plugin install lifecycle broken
  • [GRAILS-2449] - ID (or setters) for subclasses not the right type
  • [GRAILS-2635] - Using absolute="true" with g:link / g:createLink always includes context path
  • [GRAILS-2821] - Exception thrown when transactional service is called on persistent events (beforeInsert, afterInsert,...)
  • [GRAILS-3133] - Webflow tries to serialize domain-class objects within a service
  • [GRAILS-3169] - gActionSubmit tag creates a name attribute even when action is not specified. Causing the end crontroller not knowing where to forward the request.
  • [GRAILS-3225] - @Embedded with @AttributeOverrides/@AttributeOverride seems not to be properly handled by Grails
  • [GRAILS-3229] - Closure not serializable exception
  • [GRAILS-3252] - Memory leak when using external configuration
  • [GRAILS-3295] - Hibernate fails to create table if Domain Class contains a object named 'group'
  • [GRAILS-3298] - GroovyCastException with cyclic, inherited, many-to-many relationship
  • [GRAILS-3349] - FindAllPersistenceMethod throws NullPointerException with null named parameters
  • [GRAILS-3368] - base="" and absolute= "true" in dont produce the expected links
  • [GRAILS-3436] - Failed to do hotdeploy with jetty/jboss in production environment
  • [GRAILS-3480] - Method addTo in One to Many adds the wrong relationship
  • [GRAILS-3579] - Composite Id Simply Does Not Work
  • [GRAILS-3597] - grails-1.0.4 "grails list-plugins" returning null
  • [GRAILS-3611] - 'instanceof' is broken for inherited domain class
  • [GRAILS-3612] - XML.parse(String) treats the parameter as a URL instead of a String containing some XML
  • [GRAILS-3613] - "Error occurred with release-plugin: No such property: e for class: ReleasePlugin_groovy" instead of "Failed to stat working directory: svn: Commit failed (details follow)"
  • [GRAILS-3640] - Critical problem with multipart/form-data POST requests
  • [GRAILS-3643] - actionSubmit not working correctly
  • [GRAILS-3666] - Injected log property is missing in services
  • [GRAILS-3667] - Different syntax of belongsTo in a domain class generates different tables layouts
  • [GRAILS-3674] - upload file failed in "java.lang.IllegalStateException: File has already been moved "
  • [GRAILS-3679] - NullPointerException in multipart/form-data on second submit
  • [GRAILS-3684] - GrailsDataBinder changes Thread.contextClassLoader when binding associations
  • [GRAILS-3712] - Persistent collections do not load properly when fetch directive is added to dynamic finder
  • [GRAILS-3713] - UrlMapping reloading broken in 1.0.4 - ServletContext must not be null
  • [GRAILS-3742] - findAll by Example does not use supplied max, offset, sort and dir params
  • [GRAILS-3753] - deb package for Grails 1.0.4 (grails_1.0.4-1_all.deb) gives [null] version number
  • [GRAILS-3842] - Bootstrap doesn't save entities of domain classes
  • [GRAILS-3879] - UrlMappingsFilter bug with action ending in '.'
  • [GRAILS-3968] - Erroneous double slash '//' and extra 'grails-app/views' in resource strings using render() with global template in taglib
  • [GRAILS-4223] - 404 in TomCat when submitting multipart forms
  • [GRAILS-4252] - ManyToOne eager fetching broke in Grails 1.0.4
  • [GRAILS-4277] - When using app.servlet.version=2.5, wrong web descriptor created. Impossible to deploy WAR to Tomcat


  • [GRAILS-1254] - Make the use of multipart resolver a start time option
  • [GRAILS-1693] - Getting ApplicationContext from ServletContext in BootStrap class
  • [GRAILS-2333] - Make the generate-* and create-* commands to accept multiple names, to generate multiple domain/controller/view in one pass
  • [GRAILS-2524] - Add more closure customization hooks for grails war in Config.groovy
  • [GRAILS-3821] - Passing local variables to templates
  • [GRAILS-4279] - Poor performance with render tag

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