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  • [GRAILS-4145] - Restore versions of MockUtils methods that don't take an "errorsMap" argument
  • [GRAILS-4146] - Mock list() and dynamic finder methods don't work with sorting and paging parameters if there are no results
  • [GRAILS-4147] - Add mock read() method
  • [GRAILS-4237] - Make binding errors behave more like validation errors


  • [GRAILS-1597] - test of action that directly renders output text (no gsp) causes an NPE
  • [GRAILS-1622] - Domain object that violates constraints is saved anyway
  • [GRAILS-2269] - Init script does not properly set test classpath when specified with system property
  • [GRAILS-2731] - Dynamic Finder With Inheritance Regression in 1.0.2
  • [GRAILS-2954] - Domain objects created during Hibernate event handling are not saved
  • [GRAILS-3062] - Plugin path pattern in groovy-starter.conf is too greedy (picks up libraries outside of 'lib' dir)
  • [GRAILS-3496] - list-plugins task does not respect proxy settings
  • [GRAILS-3497] - setting project working directory through system property not possible
  • [GRAILS-3530] - Events Can't Set Transient Values?
  • [GRAILS-3537] - Xfire service url mapping broken in projects that also use acegi or jsecurity
  • [GRAILS-3698] - problematic interaction between PreInit.groovy and PackagePlugin script
  • [GRAILS-3824] - GORM Mapping version: false, id generator: 'assigned' produces error on insert org.hibernate.StaleStateException: Batch update returned unexpected row count from update [0]; actual row count: 0; expected: 1
  • [GRAILS-4030] - mockDomain does not implement read(id) method on domain classes
  • [GRAILS-4044] - Can't Do FindAll in Views
  • [GRAILS-4148] - Setting the scope to 'request' for a service causes a BeanCreationException.
  • [GRAILS-4151] - Splitting ${createLink} into multiple lines generates "Could not parse script ... expecting ''', found '\r'" error
  • [GRAILS-4155] - Log4J DSL: Appender name not set correctly for custom appenders
  • [GRAILS-4160] - g:radio checked attribute does not work as expected
  • [GRAILS-4161] - There is no test datasource defined and integration test ${} does not set transactional = false
  • [GRAILS-4165] - Can not create bidirectional references using List in Gorm
  • [GRAILS-4169] - params not getting picked up in g.include
  • [GRAILS-4176] - The demo petclinic-mvc won't build
  • [GRAILS-4184] - Running the "run-app" command more than once in the same interactive shell results in an IllegalStateException
  • [GRAILS-4186] - Documentation or implementation for "forward" is wrong
  • [GRAILS-4187] - -Dgrails.env not work in Tomcat
  • [GRAILS-4188] - HandlerInterceptor instances are called but WebRequestInterceptor are not when direct mapping to view causing Hibernate lazy load failures
  • [GRAILS-4189] - Redirect or perhaps complete reverse mapping seem to be broken
  • [GRAILS-4197] - File uploads broken on Tomcat page returns a 404 due to the multipipart request not being forwarded
  • [GRAILS-4205] - File upload not working on Tomcat with custom URL Mappings
  • [GRAILS-4211] - *pluginDir variable not available to _Events.groovy when running project for first time
  • [GRAILS-4214] - Cannot override environment in WAR mode
  • [GRAILS-4215] - Cannot run integration tests after upgrading to Grails 1.1 RC2 from 1.0.4
  • [GRAILS-4292] - TestApp.groovy fails the build on AIX using Java 6 when the test runs successfully
  • [GRAILS-4378] - GRAILS-4377 closed prematurely
  • [GRAILS-4783] - Plugin list at suddenly missing data for numerous plugins


  • [GRAILS-2139] - Domain Classes must provide a withSession method.
  • [GRAILS-2522] - Support for Arrays in Dynamic findAllBy Methods
  • [GRAILS-3150] - Grails injected logger always use even if a service is under a package
  • [GRAILS-3320] - (GORM) replacement for hibernate not-found="ignore"
  • [GRAILS-3769] - (GORM) Support for legacy 1:1 relationsship mapping where 0 used as NULL (Hibernate not-found="ignore")
  • [GRAILS-4167] - Some way to pass XmlFriendlyReplacer to XStream to avoid the double underscore encoding problem

New Feature



  • [GRAILS-3123] - testJavascriptLibraryWithNestedTemplates fails during 1.0.3 build on Windows

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