Release Notes - Grails - Version 2.0.2 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-5790] - render() does not work inside a controller for a 500 url mapping
  • [GRAILS-8042] - Spring loaded prints message on static initializer call
  • [GRAILS-8273] - Casting enum.values() to Set causes InstantiationException
  • [GRAILS-8377] - Cannot run-app in test mode if there are test scoped plugins installed
  • [GRAILS-8392] - list-plugin-updates throws NPE
  • [GRAILS-8444] - hibernate DDL fails when property is Enum type and part of an index
  • [GRAILS-8486] - Wrong schema generation DDL if there is index on enum
  • [GRAILS-8521] - TestFor documentation error
  • [GRAILS-8529] - Tests fail when a domain references domains of its own kind
  • [GRAILS-8582] - Grails Response Writer does not allow use of leftShift() method (<<)
  • [GRAILS-8647] - Taglib reload fails when using mixins
  • [GRAILS-8679] - combination of closure and elvis operator in GSP fails to compile
  • [GRAILS-8725] - Possible Thread leak in Development with the springload agent
  • [GRAILS-8772] - H2 version shipped w/Grails has bad bug, needs upgrade
  • [GRAILS-8773] - GrailsMock does not correctly handle classes with metaClass.getProperty() implemented (like grails.util.Node())
  • [GRAILS-8781] - create-* scripts fail when trying to create unit tests
  • [GRAILS-8784] - Wrong Compilation behavior for a Command class inside a Controller class file
  • [GRAILS-8785] - Invalid warning about command objects marked with @Validateable
  • [GRAILS-8788] - Unit tests are failing with NullPointerException
  • [GRAILS-8793] - Having a "final String name" field on a service class causes an IllegalArgumentException
  • [GRAILS-8798] - SerialVersionUID property is not used in domain classes
  • [GRAILS-8800] - GroovyCastException thrown when casting null using Groovy "as" operator
  • [GRAILS-8808] - Dynamic methods of a domain class from an inline plugin are not available in other plugin for integration testing or run-app
  • [GRAILS-8818] - Dynamic scaffolding broken when templates loaded from the class path instead of Grails (as happens with Maven plugin)
  • [GRAILS-8832] - plugin dynamic methods added to a custom grails artefact are unavailable during integration testing
  • [GRAILS-8833] - Running test twice in interactive mode produces error
  • [GRAILS-8848] - Validation tests failing for command objects
  • [GRAILS-8853] - "grails help create-app" displays usage for "integrate-with" command
  • [GRAILS-8884] - grails-macros.xml references wrong groovy-all jar file
  • [GRAILS-8891] - Documentation for beforeInteceptor is wrong
  • [GRAILS-8897] - Ehcache update check is only enabled when running in a web container, but not for test-app or other scripts
  • [GRAILS-8901] - updateAll() / deleteAll() fails if criteria contains =~ (ilike) operator
  • [GRAILS-8904] - GSP layout applied twice when rendering view after a 404 error
  • [GRAILS-8905] - Compilation errors with test-scoped plugins
  • [GRAILS-8907] - Add docs for grails.views.gsp.sitemesh.preprocess
  • [GRAILS-8918] - Reloading: JVMPlugin: warning: unable to clear BEANINFO_CACHE, cant find field (JDK update may fix it)
  • [GRAILS-8922] - Hibernate AssertionFailure when flushing with a new invalid child object in a hasMany or hasOne relationship
  • [GRAILS-8925] - g:set does not change values in request scope
  • [GRAILS-8929] - multiple many-to-many relationships on same entity cause StackOverflowError in unit tests
  • [GRAILS-8937] - Hibernate StaleObjectStateException thrown when a versioned invalid domain object is in session during a flush
  • [GRAILS-8940] - Javassist dependency missing in tests for projects without GORM
  • [GRAILS-8941] - Where queries + SortedSet
  • [GRAILS-8950] - Grails doc fails to overwite CSS files with defaults in target/docs/css
  • [GRAILS-8956] - ivy jar not on classpath for newly created Grails Apps
  • [GRAILS-8965] - Cryptic error message when constraint fails in unit test


  • [GRAILS-8561] - No documentation for g:field tag
  • [GRAILS-8649] - Documentation needed: hibernate plugin is not installed by 'grails create-plugin'
  • [GRAILS-8863] - The mockCodec method needs to be documented
  • [GRAILS-8971] - Improve handling of data binding combined with dependency injection

New Feature

  • [GRAILS-8518] - Map iteration with g:each tag as it was in Grails 1.x.x

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