Release Notes - Grails - Version 2.2.1 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-2730] - Location of stacktrace.log in WAR deployed app on Tomcat 6 running non-root is invalid
  • [GRAILS-3463] - Dynamic finders behave differently when called with non-existent element in a map and null
  • [GRAILS-3910] - g:remotelink , before option for confirmation dialog on a Delete link call causes the renderer to misbehave
  • [GRAILS-7733] - submitToRemote tag lacks documentation for "value" parameter
  • [GRAILS-8237] - Having Multiple Databases results in multiple beforeInsert calls
  • [GRAILS-8736] - Failed Assume crashes Grails unit test
  • [GRAILS-8858] - Using @Testfor without @Mock requires @Before annotation on setUp method
  • [GRAILS-8960] - Wrong relative image link in documentation
  • [GRAILS-9023] - @TestFor doesn't work when test class doesn't end with Tests
  • [GRAILS-9273] - DirectoryWatcher: files are incorrectly considered "new" if their extension wasn't watched for that directory
  • [GRAILS-9408] - grails run-app fails to start under cygwin with space in user's home directory (2.1.1)
  • [GRAILS-9440] - Missing maven dependency after running create-pom
  • [GRAILS-9507] - Missing documentation for <g:link> "uri" attribute
  • [GRAILS-9550] - groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: org.gmock.internal.metaclass.MockProxyMetaClass$4.doCall()
  • [GRAILS-9597] - layoutTitle doc page missing a piece of it's example code
  • [GRAILS-9670] - Cannot use "find" method in services, Grails seems to think a service has a "find" meta method
  • [GRAILS-9695] - 2.1.3 breaks where queries on hasMany associations more than one level deep
  • [GRAILS-9696] - Some integration testing that involves GormStaticApi calls is broken
  • [GRAILS-9708] - Grails 2.2.0 fails with Xerces 2.10.0 as a dependency
  • [GRAILS-9718] - NullPointerException in Grails unit tests because of null Params and Session
  • [GRAILS-9723] - --nojars stopped working (jars are included)
  • [GRAILS-9726] - Plugin resolution occasionally removes necessary plugins due to similarly named inline-plugins
  • [GRAILS-9731] - Jetty plugin crash with grails 2.2
  • [GRAILS-9739] - delete() does not work in withNewSession
  • [GRAILS-9745] - grails doc does not work with https external links
  • [GRAILS-9753] - Performance problem on Grails startup
  • [GRAILS-9754] - Bad performance in Running Grails application
  • [GRAILS-9763] - _GrailsCreateArtifacts script uses barcoded plugin directory instead passed by the caller
  • [GRAILS-9795] - LazyMetaPropertyMap putAll doesn't work.
  • [GRAILS-9817] - Plugin 'lib' directory not included on forked mode runtime classpath


  • [GRAILS-5921] - Enhance withForm to allow for forms on multiple tabs
  • [GRAILS-6130] - Limitation to single capital letters in plugin class names is missing in docs
  • [GRAILS-8072] - Improve default toString() output for domain classes
  • [GRAILS-8820] - Missing doc for mapWith = "none"
  • [GRAILS-9637] - Grails Unit Tests using the new Annotation framework is slow

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