Release Notes - Grails - Version 2.3-M2 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-2823] - Dynamiac Scaffolding for REST
  • [GRAILS-2843] - Form tag doesn't generate correct URL when REST-ful HTTP protocol is used
  • [GRAILS-2871] - Documentation does not cover / link to information about how to do data binding with lists of objects i.e. arrays of domain classes
  • [GRAILS-4643] - Error by binding data from command-object to the domain-object
  • [GRAILS-4848] - UrlMapping incorrectly matches urls with parameters
  • [GRAILS-5819] - REGRESSION: createLink does not take into account URLMappings
  • [GRAILS-6269] - Create XML (or JSON, HTML, ...) view for converters
  • [GRAILS-6527] - createLink issue with alternate file extensions in combination with withFormat
  • [GRAILS-6651] - Format specific views don't work with format parameter when withFormat is not used
  • [GRAILS-8945] - Support reverse lookup of REST URL mappings
  • [GRAILS-9326] - default controller name not applied, custom mapping in URLMappings applied
  • [GRAILS-9831] - Missing verb on RESTful mapping should result in 405
  • [GRAILS-9887] - 405 Method Not Allowed responses should include Allow header
  • [GRAILS-10035] - Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State
  • [GRAILS-10036] - Api for content types
  • [GRAILS-10100] - Only one Custom Data Converters for type is used
  • [GRAILS-10101] - Date Format Error With @BindingFormat Should Result In A Binding Error
  • [GRAILS-10150] - Git rid of JSONParsingParameterCreationListener and XMLParsingParameterCreationListener
  • [GRAILS-10151] - Add support for API versioning via the Accept-Version header
  • [GRAILS-10152] - Add support for rendering Errors in Vnd.Error format


  • [GRAILS-3929] - Configuration file not found in grails-app/conf when executing "grails run-app" (directory not added to classpath?)
  • [GRAILS-9331] - Exclude not working in some instances
  • [GRAILS-9773] - (hibernate-) persistenceInterceptor not working with multiple dataSources/sessionFactories
  • [GRAILS-9813] - Domain.getAll( ['id1','id2'] ) not working : returns null
  • [GRAILS-10027] - JDK 1.7.0_21 produces "Reloading: JVMPlugin: warning: unable to clear BEANINFO_CACHE, cant find field"
  • [GRAILS-10107] - 'pom true' broken with Aether
  • [GRAILS-10115] - Incorrect bidirectional association mapping
  • [GRAILS-10119] - query caching not working for countBy* method
  • [GRAILS-10170] - Dependency resolution happening again in forked JVM, slowing down startup
  • [GRAILS-10171] - Compilation for class reload changes happening in forked JVM, should instead happen in foreground JVM
  • [GRAILS-10178] - Unique constraint false positive on validate when in pair with nullable property
  • [GRAILS-10179] - DelegateAsyncTransformation creates invalid byte code for methods returning primitive types
  • [GRAILS-10183] - Spring loaded causes Grails to fail to bootstrap using Oracle JDK 1.7u25
  • [GRAILS-10193] - One-to-one relation and unique constraint validation
  • [GRAILS-10211] - Where Query PagedResultList getTotalCount() throws NPE


  • [GRAILS-4114] - Allow forward() / include() on Grails Filters
  • [GRAILS-6512] - Documentation: tell that functional tests can also be benefited from without plugins
  • [GRAILS-9604] - Installing a locally built plugin does not work, uses existing version from Ivy/other caches
  • [GRAILS-10086] - Replace usage of SimpleTypeConverter with ConversionService
  • [GRAILS-10087] - Instantiate PrintWriter instances with Objenesis to get rid of the global synchronization that the instantiation of PWs cause
  • [GRAILS-10147] - Allow forked processes to have different JVM memory requirements

New Feature

  • [GRAILS-10092] - Allow controllers to be grouped in a namespace
  • [GRAILS-10138] - Add Ability To Initialize Command Objects With Persistent Instance

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