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  • [GRAILS-3608] - HTTP Method-based UrlMapping Support
  • [GRAILS-5531] - Http methods OPTIONS, TRACE, HEAD are not mapped in UrlMappings
  • [GRAILS-5791] - Create a way to easily exclude properties from Serialization when using the XML or JSON converters
  • [GRAILS-7423] - Grails controller should not try to parse empty request bodies for GET, HEAD, DELETE, PUT or POST
  • [GRAILS-9190] - Controllers accepting command objects support json and xml
  • [GRAILS-10220] - If a parsing error occurs when binding XML or JSON return a 400 error
  • [GRAILS-10226] - bindData does not behave as expected when a nested collection item id is set to null


  • [GRAILS-4260] - BuildConfig has no environment support
  • [GRAILS-7506] - mockDomain() doesn't create isDirty() and related methods
  • [GRAILS-7713] - Cascading validation does not work in unit tests using @Mock
  • [GRAILS-7885] - The 'console' command hangs when Groovy console is closed
  • [GRAILS-8496] - Update Ant integrate-with scripts
  • [GRAILS-8528] - Custom Event Listeners cannot be implemented using the documented approach
  • [GRAILS-8846] - Mocked Domain Classes in unit tests should include the associationId field
  • [GRAILS-8917] - Deprecate / remove the ability to have the controller be the model
  • [GRAILS-9162] - Unable to unit-test @Validateable classes
  • [GRAILS-9426] - Wrong plugin ordering
  • [GRAILS-9602] - Hibernate domain objects errors has incorrect value in case of equals() and hash() methods overridden.
  • [GRAILS-9607] - Redirect behaves differently when the "action" argument is a Closure and not a String
  • [GRAILS-9939] - Transitive JAR dependencies of in-place plugins not found
  • [GRAILS-9984] - Dependencies not resolved for inline plugins
  • [GRAILS-10091] - Cannot override service bean (and properties) in doWithSpring plugin event
  • [GRAILS-10102] - list-plugin-updates throws NPE
  • [GRAILS-10106] - create-scaffold-controller not available until after grails interactive restart
  • [GRAILS-10114] - 'grails shell' command broken
  • [GRAILS-10198] - SynchronizerTokensHolder constants expose Grails namespace into the DOM
  • [GRAILS-10201] - "Method name must not be null" error after upgrading from 2.2.1 to 2.2.3
  • [GRAILS-10208] - Command line error with additional files in grails-app/conf
  • [GRAILS-10209] - g:formatBoolean false='' outputs "False" instead of ""
  • [GRAILS-10210] - reloading changes fails in 2.3.M2
  • [GRAILS-10217] - Grails Domain Mocks don't play nice with Spock Mocks in Grails 2.2.3
  • [GRAILS-10218] - Grails service artifact template puts Transactional annotation before package name
  • [GRAILS-10221] - RestfulController does not support nesting in index()
  • [GRAILS-10229] - Functional Test does not work on Grails 2.3.0.M2
  • [GRAILS-10232] - GORM CountBy does not work anymore with sorted mapping
  • [GRAILS-10243] - Explicit JDBC driver class loading problems in 2.3 M2
  • [GRAILS-10245] - Can't start a new bulk 2.3 M2 project in production because no JDBC drivers can be loaded
  • [GRAILS-10251] - REST: Index action does not work when extending RestfulController
  • [GRAILS-10252] - 'create-hibernate-cfg-xml' does not work in Grails 2.3.0.M2
  • [GRAILS-10258] - Maven as dependency resolver has problems with extra repositories in 2.3
  • [GRAILS-10263] - JSON REST mapping broken
  • [GRAILS-10265] - REST: PUT creates a new instance as opposed to updating an existing one
  • [GRAILS-10266] - Grails shell: persistent history only works if ~/.grails_history was manually created
  • [GRAILS-10270] - REST: Customizing the Default Renderers does not appear to work
  • [GRAILS-10280] - grails-core doesn't compile on windows
  • [GRAILS-10285] - Several tests in grails-bootstrap module are failing on windows
  • [GRAILS-10286] - org.codehaus.groovy.grails.plugins.publishing.PluginDescriptorGeneratorSpec is failing on windows
  • [GRAILS-10287] - org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.mapping.reporting.AnsiConsoleUrlMappingsRendererSpec is failing on windows
  • [GRAILS-10288] - Tests for grails-test-suite-uber module are failing on windows
  • [GRAILS-10289] - org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.pages.ext.jsp.GroovyPageWithJSPTagsTests is failing on windows
  • [GRAILS-10291] - "Method name must not be null" exception when using custom onUnauthorized method in grails-shiro plugin's ShiroSecurityFilters which calls filter.forward rather than filter.redirect
  • [GRAILS-10393] - grailsw can not find
  • [GRAILS-10893] - Grails shell: persistent history only works if ~/.grails_history was manually created


  • [GRAILS-6352] - Support alternate JUnit4 test runners such as Theories
  • [GRAILS-8175] - Running "grails clean" should provide a totally clean environment to run the app
  • [GRAILS-9527] - Make Spock The Default Testing Framework
  • [GRAILS-9937] - Rip the scaffolding plugin out of core and publish it separately
  • [GRAILS-10113] - Make Controllers Singleton By Default
  • [GRAILS-10206] - Mixed newlines in generated files

New Feature

  • [GRAILS-2759] - Can the tablePerSubclass mapping definition be extended to allow table per concrete class
  • [GRAILS-10187] - Allow changing the version of the Agent used by forked mode

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