Release Notes - Grails - Version 2.3.3 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-6314] - grails.sitemesh.default.layout is applied to render "...some text...."
  • [GRAILS-9056] - render file: shortcut broken in 2.0.3
  • [GRAILS-9185] - GrailsDataBinder fails on nested 1:M associations
  • [GRAILS-9504] - Forward isn't working properly when using hyphenated url
  • [GRAILS-9529] - Plugin Service namespace alias overrides resources.groovy declaration
  • [GRAILS-10482] - Domain.withCriteria(uniqueResult:true){} throws GroovyCastException 'grails.orm.HibernateCriteriaBuilder' to class 'grails.gorm.CriteriaBuilder'
  • [GRAILS-10520] - Grails REST HalJsonRenderer fails with eagerly loaded many-many relation ship entities
  • [GRAILS-10535] - Exception when closing or starting Grails application
  • [GRAILS-10572] - `pom true` with Aether ignores exclusions in project POM
  • [GRAILS-10636] - grails run server on develop mode render controller action result as JSON, 404 error after controller modified
  • [GRAILS-10653] - _GrailsWrapper assumes grailsHome is set - not case for Maven/Gradle
  • [GRAILS-10720] - Cannot create mock for class
  • [GRAILS-10735] - Error in reloading domain class changes
  • [GRAILS-10748] - @PostConstruct annotation broken in service with @Transactional annotation. "method annotation requires a no-arg method"
  • [GRAILS-10749] - DataBindingListeners in the application context are invoked even if their supports() method returns false
  • [GRAILS-10756] - Can't start any app in forked mode
  • [GRAILS-10760] - Typo in Description section of Params
  • [GRAILS-10765] - npe on org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.util.StreamCharBuffer.toCharArray
  • [GRAILS-10766] - False positives for unique constraints after upgrading to 2.3.2
  • [GRAILS-10768] - console: setTargetDirectory() throws exception after creating first domain model
  • [GRAILS-10770] - "IllegalArgumentException: Cannot disposition [head] to this request" after upgrading to Grails 2.3.x
  • [GRAILS-10775] - Environment.developmentMode doesn't work because of cache error
  • [GRAILS-10776] - Files within src/groovy of added plugins cannot be found on very first test-app
  • [GRAILS-10777] - printlns are no longer part of test report
  • [GRAILS-10778] - Databinding maps documentation doesn't work
  • [GRAILS-10780] - Can't render text in an afterView filter
  • [GRAILS-10781] - HAL JSON rendering contains quotes for Enum
  • [GRAILS-10783] - Nested/merged g:applyLayout is broken with grails.views.gsp.sitemesh.preprocess=false setting
  • [GRAILS-10784] - 2.3.2 BuildException: NoSuchMethodError addCompileStaticAnnotation for plugin compiling correctly with 2.3.1
  • [GRAILS-10785] - JUnit3 Integration Test Case: data created within setup method is not rollbacked at the end
  • [GRAILS-10796] - Collection associations assigned via properties are added rather than replaced
  • [GRAILS-10808] - Add relativeUri attribute for link, createLink, form, etc. tags


  • [GRAILS-9941] - The manual 2.12 and 2.13 are confusing
  • [GRAILS-10410] - Make it possible to pass model to layout template in g:applyLayout
  • [GRAILS-10761] - Add @NotTransactional annotation for marking a method to be skipped from class level @Transactional annotation transform
  • [GRAILS-10772] - Improve BeforeValidateHelper performance
  • [GRAILS-10789] - Documentation doesn't mention i18n convention for domain fields' labels
  • [GRAILS-10790] - Support same data binding capabilities for collections and maps on groovy classes
  • [GRAILS-10799] - Improve "render obj as JSON" performance


  • [GRAILS-10795] - TODO: update tomcat plugin to 7.0.47 version in default BuildConfig.groovy before next release of Grails

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