Release Notes - Grails - Version 2.3.4 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-7102] - DocPublisher Usage file has wrong path
  • [GRAILS-7833] - Cannot Use Join Table in Non-Default Schema in PostgreSQL
  • [GRAILS-8737] - Grails does not recognize already existent join table in one to many relationship using a postgres schema mapping
  • [GRAILS-9778] - Grails on Cygwin shows "can't convert empty path"
  • [GRAILS-9805] - GORM autoTimestamp not working for sequence-based databases
  • [GRAILS-10207] - Constraints are ignored when a mapping block is defined for a property
  • [GRAILS-10469] - projections in createCriteria return error result
  • [GRAILS-10594] - Create test-app: error in opening zip file
  • [GRAILS-10686] - NoSuchMethodError for GormStaticApi.setTransactionManager()
  • [GRAILS-10692] - Unable to add spring-ldap dependencies to grails project
  • [GRAILS-10714] - NoSuchMethodError for GormStaticApi.setTransactionManager() when running using Maven
  • [GRAILS-10736] - Running with Maven and Oracle the database configuration is ignored and h2 is always used
  • [GRAILS-10793] - On Windows, grails v2.3.2 or 2.3.3 (new project) adding BuildConfig dependencies results in plugin errors. Works on 2.3.1!
  • [GRAILS-10803] - Can't see chinese in log console in 2.3.x
  • [GRAILS-10806] - Custom headers are not send as part of the reply for application/json
  • [GRAILS-10817] - JSON converter charset issue
  • [GRAILS-10818] - It is possible for an old version of a groovy jar to end up in a war file
  • [GRAILS-10820] - Group UrlMappings Producing null Params
  • [GRAILS-10822] - Grails 2.3 compass errors
  • [GRAILS-10823] - Regression in Grails 2.3.3 - JSONWriter encodes slashes.
  • [GRAILS-10824] - Grails 2.3.3 - test-app fails with forked execution (Grailsc cannot be found)
  • [GRAILS-10829] - Elements of a collection association are not being deleted
  • [GRAILS-10831] - DetachedCriteriaTransformer cannot resolve dynamic properties
  • [GRAILS-10835] - Parent Resources in UrlMappings holds incorrect ancestry
  • [GRAILS-10837] - Cannot use Data Binding/ValueConverter for an Enum field
  • [GRAILS-10839] - Raw encoder does not work in layouts
  • [GRAILS-10845] - NoSuchMethodException with abstract controllers and exception handlers
  • [GRAILS-10853] - data binding and many-ended associations
  • [GRAILS-10864] - xml data binding doesnt work
  • [GRAILS-10865] - Wrong generic type binding if filed is in parent class
  • [GRAILS-10866] - Groovy exception handlers in controllers do not compile
  • [GRAILS-10867] - app lib jars are left out of resolve cache
  • [GRAILS-10868] - xml collection binding - can not update existing collection items.
  • [GRAILS-10871] - BindindFormat and constraints block adding two errros on the same field
  • [GRAILS-10876] - JSON.use('deep') Fails on Null Association
  • [GRAILS-10886] - On Windows, grails v2.3.2, 2.3.3, 2.34 (new project) adding BuildConfig dependencies results in plugin errors. Works on 2.3.1!


  • [GRAILS-10554] - typeMismatch error for command object shouldn't go with nullable error

New Feature

  • [GRAILS-10838] - Grails 2.3.x equivalent for StructuredPropertyEditor


  • [GRAILS-10840] - Review usages of InputStreamReader and OutputStreamWriter that use the value of "file.encoding" system property
  • [GRAILS-10846] - Upgrade To grails-data-mapping 2.0.5

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