Release Notes - Grails - Version 0.2.1 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-109] - After Reloading a Domain Class the Interceptors are lost causing lazy loading exceptions
  • [GRAILS-124] - I provide a ,but it didn't work properly
  • [GRAILS-125] - On reload the validator is not reset, hence it has reference to an old version of the class
  • [GRAILS-196] - Illegal characters in grails/samples source files
  • [GRAILS-210] - No scaffolded fields on forms for java.sql.Date or java.sql.Time properties
  • [GRAILS-216] - "grails generate-all" hangs
  • [GRAILS-217] - bad interpreter error running grails on mac osx
  • [GRAILS-218] - Problem Changing the Error Message for Validation Constraints
  • [GRAILS-222] - grails-app/i18n/ is not being read
  • [GRAILS-228] - Extending abstract domain objects fails
  • [GRAILS-230] - OpenSessionInViewInterceptor not working since SpringConfig refactor
  • [GRAILS-232] - grails run-app error:NullPointerException when GrailsDomainConfigurationUtil.configureDomainClassRelationships
  • [GRAILS-236] - Validation fails with NPE for non-nullable email field
  • [GRAILS-238] - Problem with Hibernate Dialect runtime configuration


  • [GRAILS-131] - Add dynamic constructor that does type conversion from request params

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