Release Notes - Grails - Version 0.4.1 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-538] - Many-to-many relationships created in ApplicationBootStrap are not persisted
  • [GRAILS-616] - GroovyEachParseTests fails on windows
  • [GRAILS-670] - AddRelatedDynamicMethod throws MissingMethodException for subclasses
  • [GRAILS-688] - org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.servlet.FlashScope has to be serializable
  • [GRAILS-690] - Unit tests generated for taglibs have incorrect class name in file
  • [GRAILS-691] - Scheduler not injected into custom Controller
  • [GRAILS-692] - Can't pass parameters to remoteLink tag (and probably others) [Fix included]
  • [GRAILS-696] - BootStrap code does not persist objects
  • [GRAILS-697] - noSelection broken for datePicker
  • [GRAILS-698] - Changes being flushed and saved to db even on validation failure
  • [GRAILS-699] - Plugins not loaded from root dir if when doing grails run-app
  • [GRAILS-700] - Fix bookmark sample app problems with search and delete feature
  • [GRAILS-701] - Bookmarks sample: search action shows error page
  • [GRAILS-702] - Bookmarks sample: delete action shows error page (403, Forbidden)
  • [GRAILS-703] - Compilation error with recipes sample
  • [GRAILS-706] - Untyped property declarations in unit tests cause autowire exceptions
  • [GRAILS-711] - Unit tests for domain classes with relationships not working
  • [GRAILS-716] - bug-report target does not include unit tests
  • [GRAILS-721] - native2ascii not applies to message bundle on reloading
  • [GRAILS-722] - After upgrade to 0.4, the implicit layouts do not seem to work
  • [GRAILS-723] - grails package does not work from project subdirectories
  • [GRAILS-725] - Cannot resolve views that are packaged within a plugin
  • [GRAILS-738] - run-webtest does not load jars from ./lib sor app that needs jars will not be testable


  • [GRAILS-713] - Add domainClass and DomainClassPropertyComparator to generateController binding
  • [GRAILS-715] - JavaScript codec (implementation attached)
  • [GRAILS-726] - Created new pluginContextPath variable so plugin views can references resources (CSS, js etc.) transparently

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