Release Notes - Grails - Version 0.5 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-687] - ClassCastException with value="" or noSelection when key in map is a Long
  • [GRAILS-689] - can't run grails-0.4 from "Program Files" in Windows
  • [GRAILS-741] - Implementation or documentation bugs for custom validation messages.
  • [GRAILS-768] - Simple domain class cannot be persisted in Tomcat
  • [GRAILS-804] - GroovyPagesServlet can get caugt in an infinite loop
  • [GRAILS-917] - Current View rendering still occurs with a pending Redirect
  • [GRAILS-927] - user defined plugins are not loaded on application server with WAR file
  • [GRAILS-1054] - createLinkTo Makes Bad URLs to the Root (home) Page of Application
  • [GRAILS-1091] - Scripts failing - java classes being deleted straight after compilation
  • [GRAILS-1092] - Controller reloading breaks Command Objects
  • [GRAILS-1095] - Ajax.Updater "insertion" option not managed
  • [GRAILS-1097] - Change of functionality: GSP tags (and templates) output null values as "null" instead of ""
  • [GRAILS-1098] - remoteField onkeyup parameter not filled in by JavascriptTagLib.groovy
  • [GRAILS-1105] - Possible regression: test-app generates no test report files


  • [GRAILS-684] - ControllerScaffoldingTests.* not executed
  • [GRAILS-777] - Update grails.tld in order to support GSP code-completion in IDEs
  • [GRAILS-980] - Update IntelliJ configuration
  • [GRAILS-1093] - Make Command Objects support 'constraints' property
  • [GRAILS-1096] - Make executeQuery() method support paginate params like other find methods
  • [GRAILS-1103] - Add message to Upgrade script to tell user to check README for code changes required for project to function correctly


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