Release Notes - Grails - Version 0.5.5 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-805] - Define behaviour for existing tests left in grails-test/
  • [GRAILS-806] - Have functional tests automatically flush and delete all GORM objects between test methods


  • [GRAILS-1246] - sortableColumn tag and non default actionName
  • [GRAILS-1247] - Integration testing of Services fails with "Could not synchronize database state with session" error
  • [GRAILS-1249] - pluginContextPath contains wrong path
  • [GRAILS-1251] - reloading broken in when using subpackages
  • [GRAILS-1255] - SortableColumn tag outputs params attribute within <th> element
  • [GRAILS-1259] - A grails generated war cannot be run under a standalone web app server (e.g. tomcat) environment
  • [GRAILS-1261] - Regression: Integration tests are not injected by services (and other beans)
  • [GRAILS-1264] - PackagePlugin script includes excessive files in classpath, causing ZIP errors to be reported
  • [GRAILS-1266] - Upgrade script shows unit/integration instead of test/integration in printlns
  • [GRAILS-1267] - Grails upgrade no longer overwrites plugins/core/taglib files
  • [GRAILS-1269] - Upgrade overwrites custom url mappings
  • [GRAILS-1270] - Regression: bindData(target, params, excludeList) no longer binds anything
  • [GRAILS-1273] - g:form outputs servlet context URI twice when using url=[....] attribute


  • [GRAILS-78] - Create central pool of Validators for domain objects
  • [GRAILS-299] - redirect causes id to appear as parameter rather than in the url
  • [GRAILS-529] - Refactor unit test support into abstract base TestCase and add refresh SessionFactory feature
  • [GRAILS-734] - When checking out a project from SVN which has plugins installed, they may not work (cannot see classes in src/java) until stop/clean/start(ed) again
  • [GRAILS-778] - Add support to add methods to interfaces using ExpandoMetaClass
  • [GRAILS-952] - Make URL mapping support named parameter syntax for increased conciseness
  • [GRAILS-985] - GSP syntax errors reported as "app_rails_xxx" - should be "grails"?
  • [GRAILS-1173] - Prune emptry directories from plugins when packaging
  • [GRAILS-1224] - allow file names in grails urls (patch to
  • [GRAILS-1260] - Show URL of localhost app in StatusFinal event when run-app completes

New Feature

  • [GRAILS-46] - Add the ability to expose Grails service classes in a pluggable way

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