Release Notes - Grails - Version 1.1-beta2 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-1303] - Stop install-plugin installing plugins for different grails versions (as specific in
  • [GRAILS-2432] - Modify GrailsScriptRunner to use convention for scripts that are allowed to run outside of a project
  • [GRAILS-2543] - Test reports only count 1 failure in HTML reports if a test had multiple failures
  • [GRAILS-2891] - Remove plugins from war
  • [GRAILS-2907] - Include sitemesh content tags in documentation/taglib
  • [GRAILS-2931] - NativeJdbcExtractor needed if using Oracle,Lobs and Pooling
  • [GRAILS-3189] - Add plugin scoping support (test, war, devrun etc.)
  • [GRAILS-3247] - install-plugin should replace previous versions of the same plugin
  • [GRAILS-3301] - Uninstall plugins that have been removed from metadata
  • [GRAILS-3304] - Allow additional plug-in scripts and global scripts to run outside of a project
  • [GRAILS-3415] - Add support for data binding to collections
  • [GRAILS-3423] - Improve the visiblity of the Tests passed/failed message at the end, it is hard to see through the noise of the report generation etc.
  • [GRAILS-3500] - classes in plugin lib not found if set
  • [GRAILS-3520] - Data binding a non-existent nested domain object throws an exception when testing
  • [GRAILS-3525] - Make GrailsUrlMappingsTestCase an integration test
  • [GRAILS-3539] - Have mockLogging also mock out 'isEnabled' methods
  • [GRAILS-3603] - MockUtils.mockDomain does not work when using UUID
  • [GRAILS-3604] - MockUtils.mockDomain does not mock discard
  • [GRAILS-3615] - Cannot Use "mockFor" more than once in a test
  • [GRAILS-3616] - One-to-one (bidirectional) does not currently produce correct data structure
  • [GRAILS-3722] - Add default sort and order by property to domain classes
  • [GRAILS-3735] - Document <g:formatBoolean>
  • [GRAILS-3736] - Document <g:countrySelect>
  • [GRAILS-3737] - Document URLMapping excludes settings
  • [GRAILS-3738] - Document grails war --nojars flag


  • [GRAILS-686] - Executing grails run-app in a subdirectory of project (i.e. ./spring) results in obscure error about missing web.xml
  • [GRAILS-914] - Pagination on pages with results in reverse order does not work
  • [GRAILS-1963] - Config.groovy 'translation' to does not properly handle Windows paths
  • [GRAILS-2293] - integration test total reported incorrectly
  • [GRAILS-2503] - many-to-many mapping expects plurals for columns (docs say singular)
  • [GRAILS-2584] - log4j configuration error with custom Appender: class not found
  • [GRAILS-3032] - Table mapping and many-to-many relations broken
  • [GRAILS-3236] - Hibernate session removed after subflow endpoint
  • [GRAILS-3264] - "taglib" direcive in GSP no longer works
  • [GRAILS-3571] - GrailsUrlMappingsTestCase confusing controller names with action names
  • [GRAILS-3635] - withFormat {} handling doesn't work in IE6/7.
  • [GRAILS-3642] - Modify DefaultGrailsDomainClassInjector to check if the class which is to be defined is a domain class
  • [GRAILS-3647] - Reloading controllers results in error "No such property: params for class: XXX "
  • [GRAILS-3668] - "Could not get JDBC Connection" exception after migrating from 1.0.4 to 1.1-beta1
  • [GRAILS-3669] - mockDomain assumes id is a long
  • [GRAILS-3673] - environment not being correctly chosen in WAR for DB
  • [GRAILS-3675] - grails test-app loads plugins twice
  • [GRAILS-3676] - Environment for WAR ignored
  • [GRAILS-3690] - schema-export script is broken
  • [GRAILS-3691] - grails.env system property not respected
  • [GRAILS-3693] - Local plugin installation fails when there is a dependency on a local plugin
  • [GRAILS-3694] - Auto-installed plugins not getting events added
  • [GRAILS-3710] - Using g:message in a template included from another template raises exception
  • [GRAILS-3712] - Persistent collections do not load properly when fetch directive is added to dynamic finder
  • [GRAILS-3715] - GORM for a collection of Integers does not work by default (without specifying the join table)
  • [GRAILS-3716] - Strange Groovy / Grails bug for Maps
  • [GRAILS-3732] - junitreport portion of test-app fails when saxon jar is in lib directory
  • [GRAILS-3829] - CLONE -Controller integration tests don't work right for testing consecutive actions


  • [GRAILS-2077] - JSONWriter should not have a hard-coded nesting limit
  • [GRAILS-3265] - Named parameter in Domain Objects should throw MissingPropertyException
  • [GRAILS-3633] - Enhanced Enum support

New Feature

  • [GRAILS-244] - Determine Remote Calls in Controller
  • [GRAILS-607] - Create g:country tag that shows country list
  • [GRAILS-3450] - Add wildcard exclude support to UrlMappings
  • [GRAILS-3719] - Add formatBoolean tag method

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