Release Notes - Grails - Version 1.1-RC2 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-4012] - Add setJsonRequestContent() methods to ControllerUnitTestCase
  • [GRAILS-4013] - Add getXml/JsonResponseContent() methods to ControllerUnitTestCase


  • [GRAILS-2311] - CritieraBuilder doesnt descend well
  • [GRAILS-3174] - Criteria builder duplicate alias error
  • [GRAILS-4004] - Compiler errors after plugins automatically installed or uninstalled
  • [GRAILS-4014] - In-place plugin config files are compiled with the application's ones
  • [GRAILS-4017] - Grails fails to find GSP page for subflow
  • [GRAILS-4041] - Using the beforeUpdate event in GORM causes a StaleObjectStateException
  • [GRAILS-4046] - Cannot run tests inside packages: NoClassDefFoundError
  • [GRAILS-4048] - Unable to load file as ClasspathResource in test/unit directory
  • [GRAILS-4049] - StaleStateException exception when using insert: true
  • [GRAILS-4050] - Unit tests in packages fail to run on Windows
  • [GRAILS-4052] - Plugin's Sitemesh Layout not found with new 1.1 plugin directory
  • [GRAILS-4056] - View Errors on ${foo + " " + bar} and ${foo}_${bar} (plus error page showSource example)
  • [GRAILS-4059] - Excessive updates in association with belongsTo.
  • [GRAILS-4060] - The bean 'localeResolver' defined in resources.groovy is ignored or overridden somewhere
  • [GRAILS-4065] - Setting"target/work" in BuildConfig.groovy doesn't work and results in exception
  • [GRAILS-4071] - WarStart event called twice - breaking change
  • [GRAILS-4072] - Could not parse script with escaped params
  • [GRAILS-4075] - <g:applyLayout> throwing exceptions
  • [GRAILS-4076] - Multiple levels of sitemesh layouts not working
  • [GRAILS-4078] - Plugins Loading Out of Order
  • [GRAILS-4079] - TransientObjectException when updating parent which has new child with errors
  • [GRAILS-4081] - Plugin grails-app/conf with package are not copied to "classes" directory
  • [GRAILS-4082] - non-class resources under plugins' src/java and src/groovy are not available in the classloader
  • [GRAILS-4083] - whitespace in url causes error 500
  • [GRAILS-4085] - layout in plugin cannot be used by main project (regression)
  • [GRAILS-4086] - Incomprehensible behavior of the 'save' method.
  • [GRAILS-4088] - Errors objects not torn down in GrailsUnitTestCase
  • [GRAILS-4092] - Localised pages are displaying gobbledigook
  • [GRAILS-4096] - MIstyped command line name results in ClassNotFoundException and ugly message
  • [GRAILS-4100] - grails run-app: DefaultGrailsPlugin leaks filehandles in checkModified()
  • [GRAILS-4115] - Improper cast of SessionImpl, should be SessionImplementor
  • [GRAILS-4118] - Confusing CloneNotSupportedException when an error occurs in a taglib
  • [GRAILS-4124] - No such property: GrailsHibernateUtil for class: org.codehaus.groovy.grails.plugins.orm.hibernate.HibernatePluginSupport
  • [GRAILS-4135] - mockCommandObject in ControllerUserTestCase fails
  • [GRAILS-4139] - Version numbers going up in table
  • [GRAILS-4150] - "render .. as JSON" works, but "render ... as XML" fails
  • [GRAILS-4476] - Controller Unit/Integration tests in packages fail to run on Mac OS X


  • [GRAILS-3967] - Add "Autobase" to migrations list
  • [GRAILS-4058] - Can not refer $params.controller and $params.action in the template list.gsp and edit.gsp.
  • [GRAILS-4134] - grails create-tag-lib command should create a unit test that extends TagLibUnitTestCase

New Feature

  • [GRAILS-4103] - Command line script to list plugins installed in current grails app
  • [GRAILS-4123] - Add support for running Grails unit tests with Eclipse JUnit runner (solution provided)


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