Release Notes - Grails - Version 1.2-M1 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-880] - Add convention i.e. README.text and ./docs/ for plugin documentation
  • [GRAILS-969] - InstallPlugin target deletes existing plugin tree, which hoses SVN/CVS checkin of plugins. How to handle?
  • [GRAILS-4475] - Add default sort and order by property to domain classes
  • [GRAILS-4662] - Support Named Mapping Syntax In URL Mapping File
  • [GRAILS-4663] - Add Support For Named Mappings To The link Tag
  • [GRAILS-4664] - Add Custom Namespace Tag Support For Named Url Mappings


  • [GRAILS-2574] - render sets wrong content length with encoding set different to utf-8
  • [GRAILS-2849] - g:link causes NullPointerException, does not have access to parameter
  • [GRAILS-2937] - No errors reported for bad test case.
  • [GRAILS-3358] - beforeDelete don't work in web flow
  • [GRAILS-3465] - When using multiple url mapping files, the parse order is undefined
  • [GRAILS-3654] - Lazy loading documentation incorrect
  • [GRAILS-3739] - CLONE -Relations Mapping (Foreign keys) with GORM DSL don't work
  • [GRAILS-4064] - g:link not matching UrlMapping
  • [GRAILS-4181] - GrailsAnnotationConfiguration + war + jboss4.2.1 -> deploy exception
  • [GRAILS-4199] - HibernateCriteriaBuilder idEq() no longer exists?
  • [GRAILS-4286] - ClosureEventTriggeringInterceptor should not fire for entities that are not instances of org.codehaus.groovy.grails.commons.GrailsDomainClass
  • [GRAILS-4351] - GSP <g:each/> tag has different behavior in development envrionment and production evironment
  • [GRAILS-4376] - log4j-configuration: 2 instances of stacktrace.log created
  • [GRAILS-4454] - grails test-app -other fails
  • [GRAILS-4469] - Inconsistancy in maintaining 2way relationship when using constructor vs property assignment
  • [GRAILS-4552] - integration tests fail with NPE for grails-apps that use the quartz-plugin
  • [GRAILS-4558] - Standalone Spring-Grails (for standalone GORM support) is broken
  • [GRAILS-4560] - CLONE -Plugin Repository Discovery not possible with https and user/pass
  • [GRAILS-4571] - JSP taglibs in GSP broken for SimpleTag implementations
  • [GRAILS-4580] - Domain subclass with embedded property causing MissingPropertyException for "save"
  • [GRAILS-4587] - MaxPermSize needs to be increased in grails.bat/.sh
  • [GRAILS-4588] - reverse URL mapping breaks in controllers with alternate REST mappings
  • [GRAILS-4609] - Application Context not avaialble in Bootstrap - Integration Tests
  • [GRAILS-4627] - URL Mapping functions differently in 1.1.1
  • [GRAILS-4633] - ant run task (and some other tasks like war) are broken
  • [GRAILS-4644] - Transaction Management is faulty in 1.1.1
  • [GRAILS-4655] - Command Objects need 'clearErrors', just as they have 'validate'
  • [GRAILS-4667] - Registering a PropertyEditor does not work in an integration test
  • [GRAILS-4672] - g:remoteLink strips spaces between string and variable-output in the title-attribute
  • [GRAILS-4673] - ConfigurationHolder.config null inside DataSource.groovy for WAR builds
  • [GRAILS-4674] - Grails should use Thread Context ClassLoader inside GORMSessionFactoryDefinitionParser instead of the the classes classloader
  • [GRAILS-4682] - Project doesn't start with Tomcat
  • [GRAILS-4689] - GrailsDomainClassProperty.isAssociation() returns true for types mapped with Hibernate UserTypes
  • [GRAILS-4694] - Plugin resources not found on tomcat
  • [GRAILS-4701] - Uninitialized lazy collections are loaded during validation of owning domain object
  • [GRAILS-4709] - Service injection in domain class not done in all cases
  • [GRAILS-4713] - Invoking tags as methods, body is written to output immediately when called, and does not return the content of the body as a String
  • [GRAILS-4732] - DomainBuilder should not be package local
  • [GRAILS-4737] - renderErrors offers no way to influence the codec used
  • [GRAILS-4741] - Reloading controllers (and maybe other artefacts) results in multiple artefacts/beans for those reloaded
  • [GRAILS-4748] - GSP with custom JSP tag doesn't work offline
  • [GRAILS-4749] - Un/Install Plugin will delete plugins that are specified in BuildConfig.groovy
  • [GRAILS-4854] - Scaffolding a controller generates hasErrors() call with save where it should be validate()
  • [GRAILS-6944] - CLONE -GrailsAnnotationConfiguration + war + jboss4.2.1 -> deploy exception


  • [GRAILS-3243] - Strip comments out of GSP's
  • [GRAILS-3324] - install-plugin modifies even if no changes are necessary
  • [GRAILS-3392] - Look at not instantiating a GroovyPageTagBody object in GSPs unless tag invocation includes a body
  • [GRAILS-4216] - Change the logging level in GrailsRuntimeConfigurator when unable to create beans from resources.groovy
  • [GRAILS-4227] - Improve GroovyPageParser performance (use a more efficient way to convert InputStream -> String)
  • [GRAILS-4391] - randomly populated on plugin installation
  • [GRAILS-4550] - Add a 'bean' attribute to g:message
  • [GRAILS-4624] - Validation errors not catched/displayed consistently
  • [GRAILS-4641] - Plugins & continuous integration
  • [GRAILS-4651] - Allow setting custom entityInterceptor for Hibernate sessionFactory to allow usage of dynamic schemas for all SQL statements
  • [GRAILS-4668] - Add GORM support for Hibernate's CriteriaSpecification.LEFT_JOIN
  • [GRAILS-4736] - Add ability to render body to g.render tag
  • [GRAILS-4750] - sort resource tags alphabetically in plugin.xml

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