Release Notes - Grails - Version 1.2.5 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-4491] - CSS style 'error' not defined for TEXTAREA
  • [GRAILS-4567] - Grails-docs user guide on criteria does not define maxResults / offset criterion, nor and/or
  • [GRAILS-5528] - useToken in different forms does not evaluate corretly
  • [GRAILS-5763] - Property Override not applied on artefact reload
  • [GRAILS-6036] - Sitemesh Content Blocks example has invalid pageProperty tags that are not closed
  • [GRAILS-6160] - ReleasePlugin.groovy : support using different svn repo for source than the one the plugin is being published to.
  • [GRAILS-6548] - The "pluginManager" bean is not present in the application context when integration testing
  • [GRAILS-6627] - Error handling tries to render original page
  • [GRAILS-6640] - remoteFunction tag library documentation
  • [GRAILS-6656] - Documentation erroneously describes "from" attribute of <g:countrySelect> as required.
  • [GRAILS-6783] - typo in "afterDelete" documentation
  • [GRAILS-9177] - useToken in different forms does not evaluate corretly


  • [GRAILS-4900] - fix radioGroup reference documentation

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