Release Notes - Grails - Version 1.3 final - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-973] - Plugin groovy script for generated plugin project not included in textmate project
  • [GRAILS-4509] - Problems with using run-app on OSX
  • [GRAILS-5002] - Inconsistency of auto-formatting of numbers
  • [GRAILS-5561] - Bug scafolding
  • [GRAILS-5668] - Scaffolding does HTML escaping twice.
  • [GRAILS-5755] - Plugin build dependencies are not available to compile against at install time
  • [GRAILS-5875] - jars in plugins lib dir are not on compile path when _Events.groovy is compiled during plugin Installation ?
  • [GRAILS-6209] - Declarative Plugin Dependencies don't seem to work.
  • [GRAILS-6214] - Reference docs have incorrect examples of non-static defaultAction property
  • [GRAILS-6223] - Grails install-plugin using full URL fails
  • [GRAILS-6226] - Error on domain class changes in development mode
  • [GRAILS-6239] - Several plugin scripts reset files in conf folder


  • [GRAILS-6108] - Add an option to enable/disable the OSGi bundle headers
  • [GRAILS-6180] - Precompilation of gsp should be optional when generating the war file


  • [GRAILS-6199] - org.grails:grails:1.3.RC2 Missing from Repository

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