Release Notes - Grails - Version 1.3.7 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-4110] - Add "--dev-mode" option to "test-app" that uses "run-app" instead of "run-war" for functional tests


  • [GRAILS-3446] - Chunked upload of multipart content from Java ME devices fails
  • [GRAILS-4387] - StackOverflowError when using controllerName in a filter
  • [GRAILS-6679] - Unable to upgrade to 1.3.4 due to problem with BuildConfig.groovy
  • [GRAILS-6793] - compile dependencies not included in war file
  • [GRAILS-6858] - Logging doesn't work with integration tests
  • [GRAILS-7041] - Inconsistency between generated create.gsp and the Doc for the g:hasErrors tag
  • [GRAILS-7045] - Inline plugin loading broken on Windows
  • [GRAILS-7053] - Dependency resolution issue in 1.4
  • [GRAILS-7058] - maven support complely broken
  • [GRAILS-7062] - Ajax event-handlers like onComplete are not rendered properly for g:remoteLink
  • [GRAILS-7069] - Grails controller cannot import domain class from in-place plugin
  • [GRAILS-7079] - Maven not packing basic core jars in war with grails 1.3.6
  • [GRAILS-7080] - When services containing @Transactional methods are reloaded, a class level transactional proxy is incorrectly created
  • [GRAILS-7096] - URLCreatorCache does not honor variations in collections in params
  • [GRAILS-7100] - gdoc gradle target is failing on the 1.3.7 build
  • [GRAILS-7111] - the doc build is failing because of a problem downloading archives from github
  • [GRAILS-7143] - Plugin installation not resolving 'services' core plugin
  • [GRAILS-7149] - Grails maven plugin maven-functional-test goal causes NPE with dependencies without explict scope
  • [GRAILS-7162] - Snapshot versions of plugins are not interpreted correctly (e.g. 0.2-SNAPSHOT should be > 0.1 but isn't)
  • [GRAILS-7164] - Transitive plugin plugin dependencies are installed even if explicitly not exported in dependency DSL.
  • [GRAILS-7168] - Declared plugins cannot be downgraded without deleting installed plugin
  • [GRAILS-7177] - Inconsistent Resource Handling For FIles In src/java vs. Files In src/groovy
  • [GRAILS-7186] - Integration tests fail after upgrading to 1.3.7 snapshot
  • [GRAILS-7189] - Can not update date to null using data binding
  • [GRAILS-7201] - Static import doesn't work (due to bug of Groovy 1.7.4 and 1.7.5)
  • [GRAILS-7206] - Grails maven plugin maven-functional-test goal fails to load org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder
  • [GRAILS-7213] - grails.util.PluginBuildSettings.getPluginSourceFiles doesn't properly interprete EXCLUDED_RESOURCES ant patterns; .svn directories should be filtered out
  • [GRAILS-7218] - Reverse mapping work incorrectly with arrays in params parameter
  • [GRAILS-7257] - Test-app script cannot handle spaces in test names
  • [GRAILS-7355] - grails.config.locations doesn't find my .groovy file when I specify its on the classpath
  • [GRAILS-8027] - The release plugin dependencies found in spring-security-core and jquery plugins are in conflict, breaking application build.


  • [GRAILS-7012] - Special note in documentation: the 'log' variable from GroovyTestCase
  • [GRAILS-7060] - Prevent security sensitive parameters from displaying in exception logs
  • [GRAILS-7082] - Upgrade Build To Use Gradle 0.9
  • [GRAILS-7161] - Enable caching for GrailsViewResolver when GSP reloading is enabled in production (war-deployed)
  • [GRAILS-7163] - Prevent committing original response while Sitemesh is active (before layout is applied)
  • [GRAILS-7174] - Fix functional-test build so it runs the tests against run-war
  • [GRAILS-7178] - Document dependencyConfiguration() method of dependency configuration
  • [GRAILS-7222] - Disable request parameter logging in production mode by default
  • [GRAILS-7264] - Upgrade To Groovy 1.7.8
  • [GRAILS-7322] - encodeAsHTML oblivious to page charset

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