Release Notes - Grails - Version 2.0 final - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-791] - Provide more documentation on testing specifically with mocks
  • [GRAILS-808] - Update generated unit test templates to include comments explaining how to mock/test the artifact in question
  • [GRAILS-3991] - Would like to see a mocked bindData() method on ControllerUnitTestCase.


  • [GRAILS-2400] - Command object w. 3 arguments custom validator, errors properties does not survive redirect
  • [GRAILS-6780] - problems when using inheritance with abstract domain-classes
  • [GRAILS-6802] - test plugins are loaded in run-app
  • [GRAILS-7066] - dependsOn is not interpreted correctly
  • [GRAILS-7257] - Test-app script cannot handle spaces in test names
  • [GRAILS-7360] - 404 and other error code handling sensitive to whitespace in UrlMappings.groovy
  • [GRAILS-7438] - mockDomain does not register subclasses' meta-classes
  • [GRAILS-7606] - <g:javascript library="jquery"/> is not working
  • [GRAILS-7714] - No ``\'' at the end of JAVA_HOME, or startGrails.bat will fail
  • [GRAILS-7796] - Interactive Mode is crashing when "run-app, exit, clean, run-app" is called
  • [GRAILS-7825] - Resources plugin breaks 'plugin' attribute of <g:resource> tag
  • [GRAILS-7847] - Certain kinds of spock tests fail with initialization error
  • [GRAILS-8181] - Windows Only - Unit test mixin in unit test causes integration test to fail
  • [GRAILS-8203] - Different behaviour of @PostConstruct method in controller with and without defined constructor
  • [GRAILS-8216] - hasErrors tag has bean as REQUIRED but in documentation it is optional
  • [GRAILS-8282] - Multiple dependencies are duplicated with Grails distribution
  • [GRAILS-8376] - nullable: true on superclass association is not respected in mocked child class
  • [GRAILS-8378] - Grails attempting to bind session factories to JNDI unnecessarily
  • [GRAILS-8389] - UniqueConstraint cast error when test with integration
  • [GRAILS-8405] - Grails logo does not display when default view codec is set to 'html'
  • [GRAILS-8416] - Controllers cannot be initialized if they have @Mixin declarations
  • [GRAILS-8423] - Missing Method Exception in Integration Tests for domain with constraint unique: true on save in BootStrap
  • [GRAILS-8425] - Plugins included in
  • [GRAILS-8427] - Quartz plugin doesn't seem to start up in Grails 2.0.0.RC*
  • [GRAILS-8437] - Mocked views do not work on Windows
  • [GRAILS-8439] - Default background in IE7/IE8 is blue, while gray in every other browser
  • [GRAILS-8440] - Unique constraint is badly implemented in unit tests
  • [GRAILS-8448] - totalCount doesn't work with createAlias
  • [GRAILS-8450] - Grails 2.0 RC3 spring security org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException: could not initialize proxy - no Session
  • [GRAILS-8454] - classes mocked using mockFor() not getting reset between tests
  • [GRAILS-8465] - [grails-2.0.0.RC3] Using g:include is breaking g:set on page scope
  • [GRAILS-8468] - Mocked views are not cleaned up between tests
  • [GRAILS-8469] - calling subflows with controller/action is broken by fix for GRAILS-7422
  • [GRAILS-8482] - Derived Property "formula" broken in 2.0.0 RC3 - creates a persisted property.
  • [GRAILS-8493] - Domain class with ID that is using UUID generation does not work with @Mock in service class
  • [GRAILS-8684] - GORM listOrderBy not mocked in MockUtils.mockDomain
  • [GRAILS-8720] - mockDomain does not mock getDirtyPropertyNames


  • [GRAILS-787] - Top level task: Improve Grails unit testing support
  • [GRAILS-4213] - enable abstract domain classes
  • [GRAILS-5388] - Allow setting of the "default" plugin repo for release
  • [GRAILS-6222] - Default JSON ObjectMarshallers should be configured when Grails ApplicationContext does not exist
  • [GRAILS-8419] - refresh-dependencies not documented

New Feature

  • [GRAILS-3025] - Support execution of user scripts within Grails
  • [GRAILS-6584] - Allow reuse of a specified set of domain class constraints in command class constraints
  • [GRAILS-7488] - Allow the developer to specify the ssl cert to use for run-war -https and test-app -https


  • [GRAILS-7003] - Breaking changes for 1.4
  • [GRAILS-8041] - Update documentation on event handling following support for new datastore events
  • [GRAILS-8293] - Upgrade To Spring 3.1


  • [GRAILS-4616] - Remove Lazy Initialization of GORM Metamethods

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