Release Notes - Grails - Version 2.0-RC3 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-8365] - totalCount creates additional order by statement
  • [GRAILS-8381] - Integration tests failing with strange hibernate exception
  • [GRAILS-8382] - Error with unit testing extended controllers
  • [GRAILS-8385] - JVM doesn't like null being passed to a Field instance
  • [GRAILS-8386] - Errors while launching application
  • [GRAILS-8388] - create-app command fails with missing dependency "org.springframework:spring-test:3.1.0.RC1"
  • [GRAILS-8391] - Error with embedded Domain class if both of them are defined in the same file
  • [GRAILS-8393] - Builds failing on Windows with "javac: target release 1.6 conflicts with default source release 1.7"
  • [GRAILS-8399] - Unit Tests with in-memory GORM implementation fails with NPE if you use sequence as a generator for id
  • [GRAILS-8403] - Using DomainClassUnitTestMixin causing unknown error in Controller test
  • [GRAILS-8407] - @TestFor(UrlMappings) requires mocked controllers but @Mock cannot be used with controller classes
  • [GRAILS-8409] - ConcurrentModificationException after upgrade from 2.0 RC1 to RC2 on start
  • [GRAILS-8414] - save() returns instance even if valitade() is false when you use unique constraint


  • [GRAILS-8374] - Reduce excessive thread blocking caused by GroovyPagesMetaUtils.addTagLibMethodToMetaClass
  • [GRAILS-8420] - Update GrailsCoreDependencies So Spring 3.1.0.RC2 is used at runtime

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