Release Notes - Grails - Version 2.0.4 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-5823] - JAR Locking / Resource Clean Up
  • [GRAILS-8433] - Behaviour change for locks and/or transactions between 1.3.7 and 2.0.0.RCx
  • [GRAILS-8565] - Can't deploy Grails 2.0.0 with JDK 1.5
  • [GRAILS-8570] - g:set not always setting variable in g:include
  • [GRAILS-8599] - List members duplicated on save with in-memory GORM
  • [GRAILS-8605] - g.eachError(bean: instanceName) returns error message while used in controllers
  • [GRAILS-8628] - Grails 2.0 basic warfile doesn't run on Weblogic 10.2
  • [GRAILS-8707] - @Mock domain classes don't support sort/order params on findBy queries
  • [GRAILS-8719] - Grails doesn't save simple String:String maps correctly.
  • [GRAILS-8779] - MethodMissingException with mockDomain/mixins for addTo*(String) and possibly all simple types
  • [GRAILS-8790] - Wrong character encoding in 404 view gsp
  • [GRAILS-8791] - Grails 2 fails on WebSphere
  • [GRAILS-8815] - Domain hasMany association using a List is adding duplicate items when the parent is saved
  • [GRAILS-8826] - Named Query isNull in test context does not work on foreign key relations
  • [GRAILS-8861] - Difference in return results of withCriteria between Unit and Integration Tests with projections
  • [GRAILS-8946] - Wrong rendered scaffolding HTML5 <input type="number" ... >
  • [GRAILS-8947] - Grails should raise an error when belongsTo is not an expected type
  • [GRAILS-8986] - CLONE - Grails 2.0.2 not compatible with IntelliJ
  • [GRAILS-8987] - MockFor using during @TestFor annotated test (in Spock) seems to leak into subsequent tests
  • [GRAILS-8988] - GORM autoTimestamp not working due to org.hibernate.PropertyValueException
  • [GRAILS-8993] - Queries where results are sorted and result size limited provide invalid results for mocked domain classes
  • [GRAILS-9004] - where/findall closures can fail on entities with relationships
  • [GRAILS-9005] - g:include broken - when g:applyLayout is used
  • [GRAILS-9006] - Grails 2.0.x doesn't support installing local file based plugins anymore (.zipped)
  • [GRAILS-9010] - unit test - count() is not working on a class extending an abstract class (Domain Mocks)
  • [GRAILS-9011] - Validation exception thrown on adding object and inherited object to a collection-Domain Mocks - Unit test
  • [GRAILS-9013] - SimpleMapDatastore does not remove null values from the index
  • [GRAILS-9019] - Error at com.springsource.loaded.agent.ClassPreProcessorAgentAdapter.transform(
  • [GRAILS-9040] - does not seem to work as advertised in 2.x
  • [GRAILS-9044] - FilterConfig.methodMissing gets called for every invocation when calling a method with several arguments
  • [GRAILS-9050] - Grails Filters's helper methods are shared between all Filters classes
  • [GRAILS-9055] - A SELECT query is always performed before INSERT even when insert: true and generator: 'assigned'
  • [GRAILS-9057] - assertEquals() fails when comparing a java.lang.String and a org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.GStringImp with identical values
  • [GRAILS-9059] - Tag <g:ifPageProperty /> don´t work with tag <content> with inner content
  • [GRAILS-9063] - Incorrect link in documentation
  • [GRAILS-9082] - Can't bind maps to domain objects
  • [GRAILS-9093] - Integration Test broken in 2.03, passes in 2.01 with no code change
  • [GRAILS-9097] - i18n properties files not reloading from inline-plugin during run-app
  • [GRAILS-9110] - TestFor(UrlMappings) matches closure parameters using toString which makes some checks impossible
  • [GRAILS-9119] - addTo* fails on mocked domains that have an injected service
  • [GRAILS-11606] - CLONE - JAR Locking / Resource Clean Up


  • [GRAILS-9061] - Improve GrailsLog4jLoggerAdapter performance
  • [GRAILS-9066] - Cache calls to ApplicationContext.getBeansOfType in request flow
  • [GRAILS-9074] - Performance optimization: In GSP execution change the owner of tag body closures and set the Closure resolveStrategy to OWNER_ONLY
  • [GRAILS-9115] - Improve performance of non-controller backed requests

New Feature

  • [GRAILS-9084] - Implement asBoolean (Groovy truth) for GroovyPage.ConstantClosure

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