Release Notes - Grails - Version 2.2-RC2 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-8256] - DetachedCriteria's association query
  • [GRAILS-8526] - Problem with property references on RHS of the equality operator in a where query
  • [GRAILS-9280] - Various issues with DetachedCriteria and Where queries
  • [GRAILS-9425] - static where query def. in domain that references collection association
  • [GRAILS-9447] - Where query cannot cast Integer to Long
  • [GRAILS-9455] - Add -Dspringloaded.synchronize=true to Grails JVM parameters in development mode
  • [GRAILS-9464] - Add fetching strategy support to Where queries
  • [GRAILS-9471] - Can not use multiple where expression in where query


  • [GRAILS-8308] - Occasional application freezes when using Spring loaded
  • [GRAILS-9419] - hard coded requirement for
  • [GRAILS-9422] - i18n plugin cannot load messages from Grails 2.1.1 WAR file
  • [GRAILS-9423] - Performance problem in GroovyPageParser in development mode
  • [GRAILS-9424] - Grails terminates the JVM if http://localhost:8081/ gets loaded when the development Tomcat server is running (in run-app mode)
  • [GRAILS-9429] - NPE when running 2.2.0.RC1 on windows
  • [GRAILS-9433] - RuntimeException in "main" when running grails on Windows 7 64bit
  • [GRAILS-9435] - Grails WAR will not start when unexploded
  • [GRAILS-9443] - find and findAll not working properly on Grails 2.1.1
  • [GRAILS-9446] - grails-plugin-testing 2.x transitively brings in grails-test-1.3.7
  • [GRAILS-9505] - garils-debug.bat provides incorrect call to startGrails.bat - NetBeans fails to debug 2.x and above
  • [GRAILS-9513] - Hibernate Mapping Domain classes are not treated the same as Domain classes found in domain folder
  • [GRAILS-9514] - Duplicate CascadingValidation interface preventing cascade validation on non persistent Domain object
  • [GRAILS-9517] - Simple 2.2-RC1 create-app fails on Tomcat7 - No bean named 'grailsCacheFilter' is defined
  • [GRAILS-9575] - error in association chaining in where clause


  • [GRAILS-5520] - Default Value on Database Tables
  • [GRAILS-9411] - When a domain class changes, re-init only the session factory that's related to the changed class's session factory
  • [GRAILS-9444] - Skip loading GSP classes with Spring-Loaded classloader / agent in development mode
  • [GRAILS-9470] - User defined Annotation is overwritten by grails.web.Action annotation
  • [GRAILS-9502] - Involve NamingStrategy in the process of constructing collection table names

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