Release Notes - Grails - Version 2.2-RC3 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-5542] - 'request.xhr' incorrectly identifies ajax requests
  • [GRAILS-6587] - RegexUrlMapping uses URLEncoder to encode path segments, illegally replacing spaces with "+"
  • [GRAILS-7467] - can't define AJAX event handlers with a parameter
  • [GRAILS-7811] - schema-export export - Error org.hibernate.HibernateException: No local DataSource found for configuration
  • [GRAILS-8652] - classes lose their mixins during unit tests
  • [GRAILS-8955] - refresh-dependencies --include-source is broken
  • [GRAILS-9144] - Interactive mode on Windows is broken
  • [GRAILS-9485] - New GrailsRootLoader breaks classloading
  • [GRAILS-9509] - Domain objects not reloaded when changed.
  • [GRAILS-9530] - grails 2.1.1. and axis
  • [GRAILS-9533] - Saving of entities through dynamic scaffolding breaks after reload
  • [GRAILS-9535] - stop-app does not stop server in interactive console
  • [GRAILS-9538] - Exit run-app: message that schema export failed
  • [GRAILS-9557] - Forked mode run-app throws InvalidClassException
  • [GRAILS-9560] - Grails is closing the Datasource when stopping on Tomcat. It should not since the JNDI is shared between web apps using ResourceLink
  • [GRAILS-9565] - Proxy Settings
  • [GRAILS-9577] - GORM fails with MissingPropertyException in the presence of ObjectErrors
  • [GRAILS-9609] - Class loader ignore load classes depends on org.w3c.dom.*
  • [GRAILS-9626] - Can't create domain class with templates installed


  • [GRAILS-6830] - _GrailsCreateArtifacts script should look for artifact templates also in plugin directories configured using grails.plugin.location entries in build config
  • [GRAILS-8422] - Allow the specification of ids in findOrSaveWhere


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