Release Notes - Grails - Version 2.3.11 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-10646] - Grails 2.2.4 log4j configuration not working in Grails 2.3.x
  • [GRAILS-10993] - forked grails vm exited with error
  • [GRAILS-11184] - Compiling throws NoClassDefFoundError: AopInfrastructureBean when using Ivy
  • [GRAILS-11471] - Performance regression in Grails 2.3 due to looking up too many GSP files
  • [GRAILS-11512] - Routing skips params
  • [GRAILS-11513] - JSON Serialization Appears Broken for Strings Containing Quotes
  • [GRAILS-11514] - "grails run-app" running application silently quits after a while
  • [GRAILS-11515] - JSON serialization of String with multiple lines broken
  • [GRAILS-11520] - Forked Grails VM exited with error
  • [GRAILS-11526] - Problem With URL Mapping Suffixes Preceded With Variables Which May Contain A Dot
  • [GRAILS-11532] - JSON Data Binding fails on domain class Map properties

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